Web 2.9 NFT Campaign Launcher and Sales Platform

Purchasing an NFT requires a user to own an existing cryptocurrency wallet, know how to operate the wallet, and get it to interact with decentralised applications on public blockchains. Web3 services at its current state, is complicated, technical, and requires the users to acquire specialised knowledge.

Web 2.9 is designed to bridge the gap between Web 2.0 and Web3, flattening the learning curve for people to explore the Web3 metaverse, and allowing users and NFT campaign owners to effortlessly buy and sell NFTs.

Buy NFTs with Ease and Peace of Mind

Credit card payments are used to purchase NFTs instead of requiring users to own a cryptocurrency wallet. Web2.9 achieves this through the development of proprietary smart contracts that are then deployed on public blockchains, giving users the flexibility to own and withdraw their NFTs from the smart contract at their convenience.

This enables users to set up and learn how to use their cryptocurrency wallets at their own pace. Once users are comfortable interacting with blockchains using their wallets, they can easily list their NFTs on OpenSea or other Web3 NFT marketplaces.

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Easily Set Up NFT Campaigns and Start Selling

Web 2.9 is the one-stop NFT campaign creator and sales platform, and enables companies and artists to create campaigns and sell NFTs effortlessly and cost-effectively. Web 2.9 provides the following benefits:

Pre-designed NFT campaign templates

Owners submit their campaign information, such as schedules, roadmaps, and NFT prices and image files, and the Web 2.9 development team will handle the rest, including the development and deployment of smart contracts.

Receive credit card payments straight to your bank account

Web 2.9 accepts credit card payments as proof of ownership for NFTs, allowing users to buy NFTs without having to own cryptocurrency or a cryptocurrency wallet at the time of purchase.

Fully automated and increased transparency

Users can withdraw their NFTs via smart contracts when ready to operate their own NFT wallets. All operations are fully automated and executed on the public blockchain, preventing human error, increasing transparency, and greatly reducing processing time.

Web 2.9 proprietary smart contracts also allows campaign owners to choose whether the gas fees for minting and transferring NFTs are paid by the user or seller, providing flexibility to tailor campaigns to different market segments.

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